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New product - Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

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New product - Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

Reasonably control the amount of foam produced. The rich foam cleans your hands while reducing irritation, making it easier to rinse and leaving no residue of foam. 450ml, large capacity design, can be used 500 times, to meet the family for 60 days

The selected miniature high-efficiency motor and its rubber shock-absorbing structure notonly have high foaming efficiency, but will not be disturbed by noise during use. The intelligent light-sensing design can also reduce power consumption. 4 batteries of size 7 can satisfy-home use 3 Month (low power consumption, quiet)

Small size, free installation, suitable for various environments.


More hygienic, more convenient, more fashionable, smarter and more economical, making handwashing more fun. /// Compared with traditional, pressing contact bacteria, it is troublesome to press, the bottle is easy to fall.


Can be used withpeace of mind in humid environments

20 degree tiltangle nozzle design, natural fit, clean and not dirty machine wall, reduce cleaning trouble

ABS body material, environmental protection and dirt resistance

Smart switch,open with one touch. Induction light reminder, strong sense of technology, smart and intimate

Can replace all brands of foam type hand soap

Elegant design,simple installation, small size, follow the World Health Organization to develop a good habit of washing hands

How to use: Dilute with water in a ratio of 1:6, shake well and dissolve before use. If the foam shape is unstable, please dilute it according to the actual situation.

Note: Do not pour non-foaming liquids containing matte particles, powder and essential oils, conditioners, etc.

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Product parameters

Product name : Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

Product material : ABS material

Product size : 209mm*79mm

Net weight : 275g

Waterproof rating: IPX4 (not upside down)

Bubble speed: 0.25 seconds

Sensing distance: 3 -6mm

Induction bubble: infrared sensor

Scope of use : hand skin cleansing

Battery type: 4 No. 7 alkaline batteries

Sensing distance: 3-6mm.

Working current : 200mA

Rated voltage : 6V

Rated power : 1.4W.

Capacity : 450ml.

Working humidity : 30%-80%

Working temperature: 0 degrees -70 degrees

Packing list : washing mobile phone * 4 batteries of size 7 * manual

Certification salready in the application : IPX4, CE EMC1, FCC SDOC. PSE EMC

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